Highland Lighthouse, Truro, Cape Cod

Highland Lighthouse, Truro, Cape Cod

Revision #3 of my lighthouse painting for Jim, my brother-in-law, was a soothing project for this snowy, wintry day in Boston. Realizing I feel more fulfilled when I have an emotional attachment to my subject, I decided to pursue a true lighthouse rather than making one up.

I remembered visiting Highland Lighthouse in Truro at the tip of Cape Cod (near Provincetown) this summer. The beach is gorgeous and the lighthouse memorable. Now Jim will have a real lighthouse to look at!

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Hydrangeas sustaining the Winter Snow

Hydrangeas sustaining the Winter Snow

I have a favorite photo journalist/poet on WordPress. It’s Seedbud! The other night when I discovered this photo, Reverance, on http://leafandtwig.wordpress.com, I asked permission of Seedbud to paint the photo.Those of you who follow my blog know how much I love hydrangeas. I could not resist.

Go to the link and you can check out the original photo.

Thank you Seedbud for allowing me to paint your original photograph.

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Winter Cardinal

Winter Cardinal

So my cousin Joanne, who lives in Long Island, also has a brilliant red Cardinal that frequently visits her back yard. We decided, Joanne & I, that it is the same Cardinal that visits between our homes in Long Island and Boston. Of course, we made this up. But we have a good time believing this. I am going to visit with Joanne and her family in the next few weeks. This painting is a present for her. Right now I am looking out of my kitchen window and I see the woods but Mr. Cardinal must be in Long Island!

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Jim’s lighthouse revisited

Jim's lighthouse revisited

Inspired by my art teacher, Julie, I decided to try the lighthouse in another venue. Although I like the more natural environment I miss the sparkling ocean water which in my mind is off to the left. This will be cause for a third attempt which combines ocean water, a lighthouse, and rocks. I also prefer the more traditional little lighthouse building structure than the sea shanty.

Any tips on painting rocks? Feel free to offer suggestions.

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Jim’s Lighthouse

Jim's Lighthouse

Cape Cod has many beautiful lighthouses, as does the rest of New England. This painting is for my brother-in-law, Jim. He’s retiring in January after a wonderful career as a pediatrician. Linda, if you see this, don’t tell Jim I have this present for him.

Jim, may you dream a thousand dreams while enjoying this lighthouse painting.

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Summer Flowers 3

Summer Flowers 3

I am continuing on with flower studies, although probably I should think about snowy landscapes outside my window in Boston. This is a blue glazed glass vase again filled with fresh flowers. The shadows got a bit mushed, but fun to share anyway.

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Summer Flowers 2

Summer Flowers 2

The colder the weather gets the more color I need surrounding me. I feel better when there are flowers near by, I have bright color clothing available, and I remember to apply some light makeup. Winter can be gorgeous but winter can be grey.

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