Fabulous Floating Water Lilies


As I painted this picture it occurred to me that it would be wonderful to live a few moments of life as a Water Lily.  Water Lilies float freely on the surface of the water, having no worries, while soaking up sun.  Their gorgeous color captures my eye and the depth and beauty of their leaves is breath-taking.  The flowers are easily recognizable and elegant to view. They provide a resting spot for tiny frogs. Water Lilies are a perfect subject for watercolor painting; something Monet figured out long before I did!

Bravo to Water Lilies!

And to Nancy K, my friend who took this photo on her morning walk.

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Fall Bounty/ Apples



What happened to summer? Fall is in the air in Boston. Today I went to the supermarket and I saw a bounty of apples and pears and lots of root veggies. Outside of our house,  I notice that our beautiful summer Dahlias are fading in color. This week we will clip them down to 6 inches, dry the roots, and dig up the bulbs.  Placing the bulbs into dry sand and leaving them in the basement will ensure that we can replant them next spring. While I will miss the warmth of summer I look forward to family fall hikes and delicious, sweet apple crisps.


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My First Piece of Art in a Juried Show!


Should you happen visit Cape Cod next weekend please join me at the Falmouth Art Guild on September 26th, Friday from 5 to 7 pm.   My painting, “Dahlias” will be part of a juried multi-media show called “Petals and Palettes.” Two years ago I did not know what a juried art show was. I have to thank my drawing teacher Dan H. for his enthusiasm and encouragement to submit a piece into the juror process. This is a learning experience, for sure!

It is exciting to share this news with my WordPress friends. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments.

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Gerbera Daisies in Glass Bottle

Image 1

This is my final pen and ink drawing from my class this morning. Dan H. was a good teacher encouraging me to use and observe negative spaces and shade and contour lines. Dan asked me to submit my sneaker study into the teacher/student show and now he encourages me to select a watercolor to submit into the juried fall show. This territory is uncharted for me.

Wish me luck!

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Abstract, something new…

IMG_4391 I had a lot of opportunity this summer to “test” my art wings. A lovely new friend introduced me to abstract art. Thanks, Lois!

I started by drawing some interesting shapes, rotating them around the paper, adding new shapes, on a whim,  for interest.  Next, I selected my color palette. I chose three colors and later decided to add a fourth for highlight. I tried it twice once with a yellowish highlight and again with a darker highlight, each time allowing a “light” path to enter and exit the painting. I used Saran wrap and salt particles for texture on top of pigment. A fun activity for sure! I think I may try this again.


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Still working on Lilies.

Lots of layering of soft undertones and deeper color for contour and shading.

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Watercolor, pen and ink Lillies





A scrumptious bit of color…


For 3 days I have drawn lilies. First in colored pencil, then in watercolor, then in pen and ink with a watercolor wash. Although not perfect, I think the final watercolor wash is more what I had in mind. I still need to add shadows, a background, and some darker greens. That will probably happen after Labor Day as my “troops are landing” in a few hours and life will be busier with company over the next few days.

Time to clean up now.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!


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