Sneaker Study

Today, I did a pen and ink sneaker study based on Bert Dodson’s version of shoes. I worked with Micron pens. I love them; so fluid. Not being able to erase steps up the challenge.


I practiced overlapping objects to gain a three-dimensional effect.

In an effort to create greater depth/dimension in my work, I decided to do what I should have done 3 years ago, take a drawing course.   I’m a little late to the party, but not too late. My instructor, Dan H.,  gave me 2 books. Both are just terrific!

IMG_4300 IMG_4301Yesterday, I worked on figure drawing. Dan H. lent me this little, flexible wooden figure and now I’m working with graphite. It’s so forgiving. What a great tool for blending and shading!  Tomorrow I will work on this a bit more for greater depth and shading.  My teacher also encourages me to work in pastels, but I’m not so crazy about the dust factor.






About mehrlich125

Since I was little I liked to visualize and create things. Painting with watercolors is what makes me happy now. That, and spending time gardening and reading. I love long walks, biking, and the beach. Cape Cod is where I spend a lot of my leisure time.
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6 Responses to Sneaker Study

  1. lesliepaints says:

    This is awesome. Those are the two books that I recommend my beginning drawing students get! Love the shoe study!!! I’m not much for charcoal or pastel. I think it is because I love line and all that it can do; then value, becomes filling in contours and cross contours leaving the light untouched. Try it all and decide what feels good and suits “you”. Good journey!


    • mehrlich125 says:

      Leslie, you are very kind. Thank you! I recently went on an extended trip and attempted to keep a pen & ink journal. It is since that experience that I decided to improve my skills with drawing. Line studies are a delightful way to spend precious “art” time, especially using pens. Using the cross-hatching method works for me to express contour and value. I am excited to put this sneaker study into a student show next week. Thanks for leading me to your blog. I will follow. Your work is wonderful!


  2. Oh my yes! Not being able to ease really does step up the challenge, but you’ve handled it beautifully! I’m a huge fan of Betty Edwards! I’ll have to check out the Dodson book.


  3. mehrlich125 says:

    Elena, even though I cannot erase working in pen allows me some latitude in modifying a line here and there. I could spend hours drawing with pens. Is there a course, “Knowing when to stop?” I should take it! I hope you like the Bert Dodson book. 🙂


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