Fabulous Floating Water Lilies


As I painted this picture it occurred to me that it would be wonderful to live a few moments of life as a Water Lily.  Water Lilies float freely on the surface of the water, having no worries, while soaking up sun.  Their gorgeous color captures my eye and the depth and beauty of their leaves is breathtaking.  The flowers are easily recognizable and elegant to view. They provide a resting spot for tiny frogs. Water Lilies are a perfect subject for watercolor painting; something Monet figured out long before I did!

Bravo to Water Lilies!

And to Nancy K, my friend who took this photo on her morning walk.


About mehrlich125

Since I was little I liked to visualize and create things. Painting with watercolors is what makes me happy now. That, and spending time gardening and reading. I love long walks, biking, and the beach. Cape Cod is where I spend a lot of my leisure time.
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14 Responses to Fabulous Floating Water Lilies

  1. So many synchronicities. We just got back from France. I just read a post on how to make crepes which I want to try. And while there we got to see Giverny. Wonderful painting!


    • mehrlich125 says:

      Thank you, thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos of Monet’s Gardens. I’ve been twice to France and still have not gotten to Giverny. Mostly, we focused on Provence. I think now with my newly acquired love of water lilies I must get back to Paris. Good luck with your crepes. Oh, how I would love to return!!!!


  2. lesliepaints says:

    I really like viewing this painting. All the brushstrokes to study. You painted it as if they were moving on the surface of the water. Beautiful!


  3. mehrlich125 says:

    Thank you very, very much, Leslie! I’m really happy that you enjoyed the painting.


  4. Marilyn Held says:

    Marian, when I saw you today I had not seen your beautiful new painting. It is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your work. XO Marilyn

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  5. Brenda Carey says:

    The colors are incredible! Beautiful painting . Love viewing your works of art and how much you have grown as an artist


  6. Your water lilies are fabulous indeed! Just beautiful Marian.


  7. Deena says:

    Marian, your painting is wonderful….I love seeing your work. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  8. They ARE fabulous Marian! Your use of color here is magical. Gorgeous work!


    • mehrlich125 says:

      Elena, your comment means a lot to me. Thank you so, so much! I discovered a new color, Indigo. When I mix it with deep violets and/or reds or other blues it does magical things. 🙂


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