Clothesline Art Sale


So we went to stay in south Florida to run away from the cold. The place we stayed had a “Clothesline Art Sale.”  We set up tables in front of the main house and suddenly there was art everywhere…oil paintings, jewelry, watercolors, greeting cards, wood prints…so much! People came & people bought! So much fun, so casual, what a lovely event. I decided to capture a quick pen & ink, watercolor sketch.

I used micron pigma pens.


About mehrlich125

Since I was little I liked to visualize and create things. Painting with watercolors is what makes me happy now. That, and spending time gardening and reading. I love long walks, biking, and the beach. Cape Cod is where I spend a lot of my leisure time.
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21 Responses to Clothesline Art Sale

  1. Linda B. says:

    Love it. And the whole concept! A very unique place.

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  2. Deena says:

    I see you organizing this on the Cape….love the picture…..

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  3. Marilyn Held says:

    Marian, this is one of my favorites. You need to do this on the cair.

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  4. LucyJartz says:

    That’s exactly the kind of place I like to be. Thank you for capturing the spirit with a bright sketch.

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    • mehrlich125 says:

      Lucy, thanks for stopping by and checking out many of my paintings. I moved my primary residence this summer and I haven’t had much time to paint or check out WordPress. Hopefully, this fall I will get back into a rhythm. Hope that all is well for you!


  6. LOVE everything about it!


    • Marian says:

      Elena, thanks so very much. I am glad you like the sketch. You could feel the spontanaity of the event in the air. Somewhere during the whirlwind I sold two paintings and a whole bunch of handpainted cards.


  7. lesliepaints says:

    What a cool idea! I’ve never even heard of one but this sounds like so much fun! Love the sketch!


  8. mehrlich125 says:

    Thanks Leslie! Such a fun, satisfying way to share (and sell) one’s art. Met many wonderful people that day, we had ten tables.


  9. Jana Bouc says:

    I love this sketch! Brings back wonderful memories of my grandma who always hung her clothes on the line, even after her doctor told her to stop (raising arms over head bad for her heart condition). Then she ironed everything including sheets and undies!


  10. Carol King says:

    Great idea and great sketch.


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