Sarasota in Flight

Suddenly I was surrounded by seagulls. They were flying around me. I snapped a photo. I have tried to capture, in watercolor, the gorgeous sun-drenched day as well as the sense of the birds flying all around. This is pen and ink and watercolor on Arches 140 lb cold press.




About mehrlich125

Since I was little I liked to visualize and create things. Painting with watercolors is what makes me happy now. That, and spending time gardening and reading. I love long walks, biking, and the beach. Cape Cod is where I spend a lot of my leisure time.
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13 Responses to Sarasota in Flight

  1. Linda B. says:

    I remember the photo. It was quite extraordinary!


  2. lesliepaints says:

    You certainly captured what you set out to do, Marian. I love this! …and all that beautiful blue!


    • mehrlich125 says:

      Leslie, these birds really are beach scavengers and they can be terribly aggressive. I’ve seen them steal a sandwich right out of someone’s grip (mine) and fly away with it. On the other hand, they are broad-winged, and in flight they can be beautiful. Thanks for your kind comment.


  3. Carol King says:

    You did it! I was ready to run from those birds! Great painting.


  4. doronart says:

    Marian, I have a painting with many birds flying sitting here for months unfinished, I see you managed to do them justice in your painting, very nice. So please pop over to give me a hand and finish mine also.:-)


    • mehrlich125 says:

      I was afraid that I could not do justice to painting the birds so I drew them with pen and ink then applied the watercolor all around the birds. Mixed media I guess one might call it. 🎨


  5. Anna says:

    Beautiful picture/painting 🙂


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