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Fanciful Contour Drawing

Contour drawing is fun. No outlining, just inside shapes. Then add values of light, medium and dark and watch the shapes appear. Suddenly there is depth. All you need is pen and ink and paper.

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Hydrangeas sustaining the Winter Snow

I have a favorite photo journalist/poet on WordPress. It’s Seedbud! The other night when I discovered this photo, Reverance, on http://leafandtwig.wordpress.com, I asked permission of Seedbud to paint the photo.Those of you who follow my blog know how much I … Continue reading

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Winter Cardinal

So my cousin Joanne, who lives in Long Island, also has a brilliant red Cardinal that frequently visits her back yard. We decided, Joanne & I, that it is the same Cardinal that visits between our homes in Long Island … Continue reading

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A Quiet Place

Study in watercolor washes. Could stay here all day.

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A second value study

I did a second value study, again in ultramarine. This time I focused on a different type of tree. I found this excercise valuable in helping me to “see” the attributes of my subject more closely.

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Winter Study in Values

I am taking a series of workshops on Cape Cod with a wonderful instructor, Kate Aubrey. The most recent workshop focused on trees, outer shapes, bird holes, and values. Kate asked us to focus on lights, mediums and darks using … Continue reading

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Vermont in the Winter

For years & years, my family went to Vermont and New Hampshire to ski. Both of my children are great skiers and now my grandchildren are learning how to ski. I have terrific memories of winters in Vermont, falling down … Continue reading

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