Tis the Season

My art instructor nabbed these holly leaves from his wife’s kitchen table display. Ha ha! Now he has to figure out how to return them in place so she doesn’t notice.

Love this season!


Arches 140 lb cold press, 12 x 16, watercolor

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Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Yupo paper, 20 x 26, watercolor

I decided to work on Yupo paper again but this time I attempted a landscape of a small town.  IMHO, I think Yupo lends itself to more free-flowing subject matter (see my last few posts).  While I am less pleased with this result than the underwater fish & the fall leaves it gave me another opportunity to explore this plastic surface.  There are some areas that I added pen and ink. I used a fine tip sharpie to add lines after the painting was complete.

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Hmmm…a yupo question?

I plan to order more yupo paper. Can anyone speak to the difference in the 74 lb sheet of paper vs the 144 lb sheet of paper? So far, I’ve used the transparent and the bright white 20 x 26. I really prefer the bright white.  Have you used one or the other? Is the 144 lb bright white worth the price difference? I notice the size of the 144 lb is larger and the price is higher as well.

I would love to hear your opinions about this.  Thanks! Marian

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Free Floating

Free Floating

Yupo paper 13X20, 74 lb weight, bright white

My second try at working with Yupo paper involved a fall theme. I began by drawing a pleasing repetitive pattern using leaves from outside as models. I played with dropping in a variety of watercolors allowing them to mix on the plastic surface. As the paint dried I added leafy-type details.


The painting looked too plain so I went outside again and looked for another variety of leaves. Again I drew them overlapping and decided to paint them a soft bluish color. Later, I added the darker blue/lavender background. I think I may add more darks under some of the leaves to make them pop. But for now I’m going to leave the painting alone for a while.

Yupo paper is astonishing!

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Painting on Yupo



I love this synthetic paper. It’s made for watercolors. It’s freeing and forgiving and so much fun! I saw a demonstration a few weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Watching the colors mix on paper is amazing! There are lots of u tube videos available to watch. You must work with the paper in a flat position as the paint will run off if raised. It takes awhile to dry. Let me know if you try it. You can get this Yupo paper at most art supply stores.

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Fabulous Floating Water Lilies


As I painted this picture it occurred to me that it would be wonderful to live a few moments of life as a Water Lily.  Water Lilies float freely on the surface of the water, having no worries, while soaking up sun.  Their gorgeous color captures my eye and the depth and beauty of their leaves is breathtaking.  The flowers are easily recognizable and elegant to view. They provide a resting spot for tiny frogs. Water Lilies are a perfect subject for watercolor painting; something Monet figured out long before I did!

Bravo to Water Lilies!

And to Nancy K, my friend who took this photo on her morning walk.

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Fall Bounty/ Apples



What happened to summer? Fall is in the air in Boston. Today I went to the supermarket and I saw a bounty of apples and pears and lots of root veggies. Outside of our house,  I notice that our beautiful summer Dahlias are fading in color. This week we will clip them down to 6 inches, dry the roots, and dig up the bulbs.  Placing the bulbs into dry sand and leaving them in the basement will ensure that we can replant them next spring. While I will miss the warmth of summer I look forward to family fall hikes and delicious, sweet apple crisps.


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