Lush Surroundings

Two years ago I met a woman in Florida. I’ll call her S. S is 20 years my senior and I’m not so young!  We became great friends when I took a drawing class she was holding on the back porch of an old house where I was renting for some of the winter. I came to find out that she lived near me in Boston during the summer months. I began to visit her every week. She invited me to paint and thus I began to attempt acrylics. S is a wonderful mentor, a brilliant painter, and a dear friend. I LOVE painting with her and learning new techniques. We laugh and talk while we paint and then we often share a lunch together.

It’s so enjoyable trying to take something in nature and give it form and shape, as well as a painterly look. I am working on landscapes with S now and I feel like I am making some progress. I have no art school background, so S is helping me to think about composition, color, and shape.

I like the smoothness of the acrylic paint, watching the paints blend and mix on the canvas with a twirl of my brush, and the brightness of the colors once applied. There’s great opportunity to modify a painting with acrylic, it’s forgiving. I still love watercolors, but I’m thoroughly immersed right now in my new medium.

Acrylic 16 x 20, Windsor Newton paints

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Valentine Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my WordPress Friends!

8×10 Yupo, Windsor Newton Paints




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Fish on Yupo

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Painting on Yupo

I love painting on Yupo. It allows me to play with my paints in a free and fanciful way.

Spring flowers

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Tuscany Vase

Original photo taken with iPhone 6.

If it wasn’t so tricky to drive in Tuscany I would spend every vacation in a four-wheeled vehicle driving through Italy. One needs to observe the rules of the road (different in the USA), and be aware of all the motor vehicle cameras. In between GPS directions and a lovely lunch at a monastery in Tuscany I captured a photo of this antique terra-cotta vase in the corner of the church where we had lunch. Tuscany is pure heaven for a painter and or a photographer. The light is gorgeous and around every corner is a photo just waiting for you and your camera. 

Watercolor/ Arches cold press/140 lb paper, 14×20.

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Sarasota in Flight

Suddenly I was surrounded by seagulls. They were flying around me. I snapped a photo. I have tried to capture, in watercolor, the gorgeous sun-drenched day as well as the sense of the birds flying all around. This is pen and ink and watercolor on Arches 140 lb cold press.



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Spring Flowers – five important minutes

Image 1I waited the 5 important minutes. I found several small items that added up to a better, more thoughtful painting. I added stamens to the flowers which gave them direction. Using Tombows, I added the hand-drawn flower work that is on the original vase (on the left side), and also a bit of detail to scribe out the handle. I received worthy advice from master artist Diane Eugster…always take the 5 extra minutes to observe your painting before you 1. Begin to work on it again, or 2. Call it complete.

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